Drupal Community Tools Workshop

This training takes place on Thursday, August 7th from 9AM to 5PM

Enjoy Creativity is happy to present the Drupal Community Tools Workshop curriculum which has been written and open sourced by Drupalize.me.

Introduction & Communications

The first section of the slides introduces the workshop, and gives a quick tour of the Drupal community websites. Next we'll give a tour of the Drupal.org issue queue and how it works, because this is a main part of communication and getting stuff done, but many people don't know it's there or are afraid of using it. 

We wrap up the communication hands-on by having everyone in the class hop on IRC. We'll have a little chatter on IRC and see how useful the channel bot can be. IRC is another major communication tool that many people are unaware of, or uncomfortable with, but it is such a great way to get to know other people and work collaboratively in real-time.

Local Development Environment

There is a short presentation to explain what a local dev environment is and why to use one. We cover the pieces for the server (AMP), and the commonly used pre-packaged ones for the various operating systems. Then we hop over to talk about Git and why we use that. After the intro presentation, everyone will split into groups to begin installing and setting up their local dev. This is where mentors need to fill in and get people ready to sprint.

Sprints / Advanced Topics

This workshop ends with testing your newly discovered skills and resources by sprinting and learning more advanced topics.

Note: You must register for the camp and be logged into your account in order to register for this event.

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