Practical Web Components

Friday, 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Coding and Development
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One of the most interesting advancements in the web platform are Web Components. By providing a mechanism for bundling markup, styles, and behaviors into custom tags, we have a way to apply tried and true software engineering principals to web development. We already see the benefits of this approach through the application of style guides.

But for Drupal the excitement doesn't end there. As Drupal 8 development finishes, developers are looking to use Drupal as a backend for custom for custom javascript development. Platforms like Angular, Backbone and Dart are providing developers with a lot of options for creating dynamic applications with just JavaScript. Let's explore how these kinds of applications can be accomplished with Drupal + Web Components.

In this talk we'll cover:

What are Web Components?
What can be built with them?
How can I start using them in a Drupal project?
Can I reliably use them on projects now?
How can I make a data driven web component work with Drupal 8?


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