How Drupal Works: A Beginners Guide to The Drupal Community

Saturday, 10:30am - 11:30am
Getting Started
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One of the strengths of Drupal is the community that stands behind and makes Drupal what it is. Getting involved in the community is not just good for Drupal but makes good business sense for yourself and your company. As an active member of the Drupal community you help make Drupal more awesome, but you also become a more awesome developer, themer, or project manager. As a member of the Drupal community you develop relationships and skills that will help you build better website, better serve your clients, and potentially help your career.

This session will talk about the community and business reasons for getting involved, but more importantly will provide a roadmap to the various resources and tools that you will help you along the way. Getting involved in the Drupal community is often not as easy at is should be. We’ll talk about ways of contributing beyond coding and re-rolling patches. We’ll show you how to help improve Drupal documentation and help strengthen the Drupal community using your specific skills.

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