Star Trek: Voyager - A Model for a More Inclusive Drupal Community

Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Drupal Community
Experience Level: 

The greatest asset of open source software is the ability to fork and improve. When it comes to our community’s culture, could we be better?

I know we can, and Star Trek: Voyager gives us our blueprint.

This session explores the principles surrounding Gene Rodenberry’s creation and how we can craft a culture of inclusiveness and diversity to achieve even more.

We'll use scientific studies, research, and mathematical models to prove the idea of diverse collective intelligence over individual intelligence within a group.

We’ll explore the ground-breaking symbolism of characters like Captain Janeway, Lieutenant Tuvok and Seven of Nine.


Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

We’ll also get into reasons why the show was successful and how we can adapt those principles to our own work and open source communities.

  • What is the significance of casting the first female captain?
  • How did their collective intelligence as a diverse group supersede their individual intelligence?
  • How were they perceived within their communities given their backgrounds and interests?
  • Did their unique points of view add value to the overall narrative?
  • What can we learn about assessing value, both short-term and long-term?
  • Why was diversity important to their ultimate goal of finding home?

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