Luggage: An Original Composition

Coding and Development
Experience Level: 

Forget Mozart and Beethoven! This Drupally Gitness is Where It's At.

Warning: Some Assembly Required

Luggage is a Drupal 7.x Platform for building, maintaining and reclaiming academic websites.

  • Add/Merge Luggage to your current Drupal 7.x project.
  • Enable the features you would like to use.
  • Magic.

Luggage is a managed stable release of Drupal 7.x coupled with several features that together make a platform. The platform can be applied at any time:

The overriding design goal for the Luggage Platform are discrete fully functional features that are independent of the platform and any Drupal theme. When the individual features are combined together a full-featured academic platform emerges. Luggage is not an install profile nor a distribution. It can be applied to any Drupal 7 project at any time. It can also be removed as simply.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Demonstrate how a platform can be created with features and applied or patched with Git Merges.

Git Foo to the rescue!

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