The Objects are Coming, the Objects are Coming: One if by Class, Two if by Interface

Friday, 10:30am - 11:30am
Coding and Development
Experience Level: 

Drupal 8 is coming, and it’s going to be object-oriented.

But wait! What does that even mean?

Object-oriented programming, or OOP, is a style of writing code that relies on a different way of thinking about how to build and access data. This represents a fundamental shift from the (mostly) procedural programming style of previous versions of Drupal. Drupal developers who are self-taught, or who learned about object-oriented concepts back when floppy disks were cutting edge, have to learn (or relearn) the basics before writing code in Drupal 8.

The good news is, lots of us are in this together, and it won’t take something as drastic as Paul Revere’s midnight ride to rally us to action.

This session will start with object-oriented programming basics, and end with code examples that show how a few commonly-used Drupal functions have changed.

  • What is object-oriented programming, and why are all the kids doing it these days?
  • Why is Drupal moving to object-oriented programming?
  • Class? Extend? Interface? What are all these newfangled terms I need to know?
  • Is it true that object-oriented programming will actually make my job easier?
  • Where can I find good examples of this, that I might gleefully begin hacking?

Who should attend this session

  • Developers who don’t know or don’t remember the basics of object-oriented programming
  • Developers who want to know how object-oriented programming will change the code they write for Drupal 8
  • Developers who have swallowed functional programming hook_line_sinker


Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

People who attend this session will leave with a good understanding of object-oriented principles, and how they will affect writing code for core, contrib, and custom modules and themes in Drupal 8.

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