BYOB: Being Your Own Boss, Drupal-style

Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Drupal Means Business
Experience Level: 

Inspired by a great interactive session at Minnebar a few years back, we'll learn from each other about Drupal freelancing/contracting and generally BYOB (being your own boss).

First, we'll create a list of what we want to discuss: Topics, questions, concerns, etc. Then I'll lead a structured, in-depth conversation on the two or three most popular areas of concern.

Possible conversation topics include:

  • How to get work and promote yourself: Make like a successful species and find your own niche
  • How to accurately estimate a Drupal project: No, you can't have 47 views.
  • Contributed and premium themes: Do they work? Which ones do you like? Have you ever built one?
  • Resources for freelancers, locally and online: Coworking spaces, conferences, accountants, etc.
  • Working from home: You still have to shower, sometimes.
  • Taxes and business formation: Yawn.
  • Client management and education: What works?
  • Contracts: Yes, you have to.
  • Income diversification: Nobody is talking about WordPress.

Whether you've freelanced for years, or are just starting to think about it, this session will provide great conversation and a ton of resources to those who attend.

Come ready to contribute, ask questions and make connections (bring your business cards!)

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Learning objectives:
Participants will learn to avoid common missteps in Drupal freelance work. They will discover great freelance resources, both online and locally, and they will meet other freelancers who can help with larger projects.

Participants will leave the session feeling empowered and in control of their freelance destiny! They'll have new friends to work with! We will collaboratively create a Google doc to collect references and wisdom shared during the session.

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