Best practices in promoting your Drupal code and database between environments

Best practices in promoting your Drupal code and database between environments

Friday, 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Coding and Development
Experience Level: 

How many of us have made that quick little change on a live site, in a theme, with nano? Or vi? How many of us have made a change to that view on a live site and swore that we'll make it locally too? And then didn't? We've all done it, and most of the time things turn out just fine. It's when it doesn't that we learn hard lessons.
We'll go through the very simple things you can do to protect yourself against these issues, including how to move site code and database info from one environment to another. I'll talk about using git to keep track of files; branching that separates environments; merging code between branches and when to do that; the one and only database deployment that you should ever do in the live environment; Features, Features, Features and how to use them to deploy new database objects easily and repeatably; when to automate deployments and how, and more. I'll give you some tips on the things you can do right now to protect yourself, if you aren't already doing those. And I'll show some examples of what we've done at TEN7 that makes our lives a little easier on a day to day basis.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 
  • Show the benefits of separate environments
  • Easy intro to git and very simple branching; and how those can correlate to separate environments
  • Show complexity of what a database merge could look like and how to avoid it using Features
  • Show benefits of being rigorous; how repeatability, backups and rolling back with git can save you
  • Show that not all files should be committed to your repo

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