Proposed Sessions

The majority of content at the camp is made up of sessions proposed by the attendees. In previous years, we’ve had sessions about everything from designing for content management systems to the intricate details of Drupal’s Form API.

If you would like to submit a session, we would love to hear what you're interested in sharing with the rest of the Twin Cities Drupal community. Get started here.

Title Speakers
30 Awesome Drupal 8 API Functions You Should Already Know

Now that you know how to build sites, it's time to take the next step and jump into the Drupal 8 API.

5 Secrets to Becoming a Drupal Ninja

If you are relatively new to Drupal you may be feeling amazed and overwhelmed. It may seem like everyone else knows so much, yet you are struggling to figure things out.

50 modules in 50 minutes

What do you get when you cross an auctioneer with a Drupal developer?

Michael Hofmockel
a 4 Letter word: twig

..."As a themer i want to control my markup & css in drupal
I will accept this story when i can make a theme without loosing my sanity inside php arrays"...

A Beginner's Intro to Views

Have you ever wanted to create a dynamic list of content that will automatically update itself whenever you make a change to your content?

A Decoupled Drupal with Silex

"Decoupled Content Management Systems" are all the rage these days.

ATAG & Drupal - Improving the Authoring Experience!

How the W3C's Web Accessibility initiative applies to Drupal and the challenge to help make this CMS an example of how a content framework can help build a more accessible Web.

Backdrop CMS: because there's a cost that comes with change

Drupal 7 is a powerful, robust tool that allows your site to grow in almost any way imaginable. But with this flexibility comes a learning curve.

Barracuda Octopus Ægir: Using BOA to Host Drupal on Nginx

This session introduces BOA, an open source project that makes it relatively easy to install a high-performance hosting stack for your Drupal sites.

Beginner's Guide to Designing a Drupal Site

Oh my god! I've got a client who wants a Drupal site and I have no idea how to design for it! HELP!

Best practices in promoting your Drupal code and database between environments

How many of us have made that quick little change on a live site, in a theme, with nano? Or vi?

Better Results with User Testing - Why, When, What and How

Do you feel unsure about who your users are, what they need and what would make them super happy?

Building a Drupal 8 theme with new fangled awesomeness

Slides from presentation

Building SEO-Friendly Sites with Drupal

When building sites, customers expect the site to be optimized for search engines. The good news is that Drupal is very friendly to search engines out of the box.

BYOB: Being Your Own Boss, Drupal-style

Inspired by a great interactive session at Minnebar a few years back, we'll learn from each other about Drupal freelancing/contracting and generally BYOB (being your own boss).

Civic Hacking and Open Data: Its time to upgrade the Cities

Civic Hacking is transforming the way citizens interact with cities across the country.

colinlee, wbushey
CiviCRM for Drupalistas

A CRM is a great way to expand your site to include organisational intelligence, contact management, accepting donations, bulk emails and much, much more.

Consultancy Scrum: Making Agile Work for Clients and Vendors

Why scrum is difficult for vendors

Todd Nienkerk
Creating a Culture of Empowerment

Drawing on more than thirteen years of leadership at Four Kitchens and other creative organizations, I will discuss why empowerment is the foundation of all successful teams.

Todd Nienkerk
Design Systems and Drupal: a unified worldview

Modern Web design demands visual systems that ensure content is delivered to our myriad devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop displays and beyond, in usable ways.

Don't Design Websites. Design Web SYSTEMS.

The purpose of this session is to rethink what we mean by "website," the role of the designer, and the purpose of a CMS. We will discuss:

Todd Nienkerk
Drupal 8 Console scaffolding module generator

Every modern framework nowadays provides a scaffolding tool code generator for speeding up the process of starting a new project and avoid early repetitive tasks.

Drupal 8 Plugins Explained

Goodbye hook_block_info(), hello Block Plugins.

Drupal projects that start with U

In 2013 the University of Minnesota began the process of offering Drupal University-wide as a substitute for its previous proprietary CMS.

Dynamic content and Views: A love story

In this session, I'll cover the awesome, fantastic, but kind of confusing module known as Views. It's the #1 most popular contributed module, and is running on 750,000 sites. Yowza.

Emergency Preparedness for your Drupal Site

Do you know what to do when your Drupal website goes down? What have you done to prevent losing all your hard work or experiencing lengthy downtime?

dgorton, kpoeppe
Example Module Ain't Core (but it ain't contrib neither)

Drupal 8 is upon us. With a completely new core, developers need solid example code to guide their upgrade efforts. The Example module has long filled this need and will again for Drupal 8.

Fear and Loathing of Project Management

Do you respect project management? Do you roll your eyes at the thought of “assigning timing” to your latest site module? If the answer is yes, no, or meh, then this session is for you.

naseemjoon, tiffdmoore
Flag and Rules Working Together

Flag module and Rules module can be used together to achieve powerful functionality.

From blobs to chunks -- introduction to content types

The web today is not about "pages" anymore. It's about discrete pieces of content and how they're organized both on your site and off.

Functional PHP

Functional programming. Some see that term and think "functions? You mean procedural programming.

Getting Content to a Phone, in less than 1000ms

We must get the content to the user, and we must do it fast.

Help your WYSIWYG help you: Creating custom CKEditor Widgets

Presentation slides and example code for this presentation are available:

Les Lim
How Drupal Works: A Beginners Guide to The Drupal Community

One of the strengths of Drupal is the community that stands behind and makes Drupal what it is.

Tim Erickson
How to market your Drupal site

Internet Marketing (SEO, Social Media, PPC) tips to improve the marketing of your Drupal website.



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